The Art Of Discipline.

By Dan Mitchell

“The art is the thing we do, the discipline is what happens to us…”


Working in gyms is a mixed bag. Like any service oriented business, it can be tricky to balance all of the moving parts.

I think the complexity of the fitness industry is one of the reasons why I gravitate to the purity of martial arts training for meeting health needs. It’s clean, in the sense that it’s raw and ugly; you can’t dress up real martial discipline. There’s a saying that, “everything comes out on the mat,” meaning that the cold truth of potential violence is always bigger than my effort to get someone to cosign my ego.

A huge bonus of martial arts training is that the positive physical, mental and emotional effects of the discipline are unparalleled in the contemporary fitness industry.

Understand that martial discipline is not always the same thing as martial art. The art is the thing we do, the discipline is what happens to us as a result of committed participation in the art. In some unfortunate instances, martial art gets reduced to a benign parade of etiquette revolving around some assumed “master”, and nothing more.

There must of course be reasonable expectations of conduct and proper open discourse for safety in training, but in the hands of skilled practitioners the required civility is simply the way into the brilliant personal alchemy that can be achieved with martial discipline.

The trainers employed at KC’s Fitness are excellent personal trainers, and also a lot more than that. We are each skilled and competent guides into the realm of martial discipline.

So here’s the hook, “find out for yourself!” Isn’t that the big sales line, “don’t trust me, find out for yourself…” Well, never trust a guy who says “trust me”, or, “don’t trust me”, for that matter. If I were selling couches or maybe shoes, then take it or leave it.

But what if this topic being introduced can change the quality of your life, save your life or save the life of someone you love? That is the potential of this training and it is worth knowing that.

The depth of this training process betrays any effort to dress it up. If it’s grabbing you, as it has for me, then take the next step. Come in and start your own journey…it’s worth the ride.

Featured Member: NY State Grappling Champion Andy Potwora

NY State Grappling Champion Andy Potwora
on growing up and grappling at KC’s Fitness

NY State Grappling champion and KC’s Fitness member Andy Potwora: I’ve been coming to KC’s Fitness for five and a half years now.  I started at the age of 17 and I am currently 22 years old.  In the beginning I came to KC’s because I heard about the MMA classes being offered and I thought it would be an exciting challenge to learn.  At first, I started going to Corey Norman’s classes for one reason – I thought it was bad ass!  On the first day, everyone in Corey’s class was inviting and friendly right away.  He’s a great instructor because he really makes sure that every single person understands the techniques before we move onto something else, and explains things in a clear and understandable way.

NY State Grappling Champion Andy PotworaI don’t train here just for the love of the sport, or because it’s a great place to learn, but because of the home I’ve made at KC’s.

Under Corey’s guidance, I eventually got enough experience to feel comfortable competing in the NYS Grappling Championships and I won First Place in my division twice, and Second Place once.  It was during these times of challenges and the urge to improve that I found myself turning a hobby into a passion.  Finding a passion in life is a blessing that not everyone can say they have experienced along with finding friendships and support surrounding you in the process – I don’t think it gets much better than that.

For a few months I left KC’s and went to a few other gyms to learn different styles of Martial Arts.  Nothing was the same.  Not only were the styles different but the people weren’t close to the same.  I realized that I missed the everyone that I grew up with at KC’s.  I’ve known Corey a long time and we’ve become good friends over the years.  I returned to KC’s and I came back to seeing my friends welcoming me back with open arms.

The techniques that I’ve learned here have saved my life outside of the gym from a few close experiences and it makes me all the more grateful that I began training and learning at KC’s.  I don’t train here just for the love of the sport, or because it’s a great place to learn, but because of the home I’ve made here.
It’s almost 6 years later and I have never regretted a second of the time I’ve spent at KC’s.  This is my home.