Scott Slocum Massage

Scott Slocum has been a licensed Massage Therapist since 2003; he is a graduate of the New York Institute of Massage. He studies harmony in music, dance, and human anatomy.

Massage Therapy at KC’s Fitness
Massage therapy is a useful tool for both the resolution of a wide range of problems and the pursuit of greater physical capacity. The following services are available:

Medical Massage
In a case of injury, appointments can be scheduled quite closely together over the period of just a few weeks. During the first appointment, clients are interviewed and assessed; a plan is agreed upon. Following appointments involve the execution and re-assessment of this plan. Manual techniques are supplemented by stretching and strengthening techniques practiced both with the assistance of the therapist and individually by the client.

General Massage
This can be thought of as massage for the ambitious: those who want to run faster, jump higher, or even relax more completely. The body is the tool with which you do everything, and the place where you spend all of your time: massage therapy is another technique (among the many at KC’s Fitness) through which the body can become more useful and comfortable — and a person can gain an improved sense of capacity and ease.