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Membership Rate for Buffalo and Orchard Park locations: $99/mo
Access to ALL of the General Membership Classes featured below
and access to the Fitness Facility

Facility Membership Rate: $59/mo
Access to facility – classes not included

10% Student/Veteran*, 15% Family/Partner*


This is not a Tae Bo or cardio kick type of class that you often find in most health clubs!  While our classes focus on the science of boxing and kickboxing, there are a number of concepts from the martial arts that are integrated into the training sessions. Heavy bags, speed bags, jump ropes, focus mitts, and various calisthenics are used to train individuals, but the classes teach participants about posture, breathing, and movement.

Classes are safe and there is no dangerous contact between individuals. All students wear protective hand wraps and boxing gloves.

We were the first fitness facility in Western New York to offer classes of this nature and numerous instructors from other health clubs have received training from us over the years and brought elements back to their classes.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Students in these classes will have an opportunity to learn a great range of techniques that can be used for competition, or self defense. Boxers and martial artists who have trained extensively in striking arts expand their knowledge base by practicing the grappling components of this diverse program, while BJJ, Judo, scholatic wrestlers and classical ju-jitsu practitioners have adapted many of the subtle transition techniques that come out of catch and Greco-Roman wrestling. The makeup of the classes have run the gamut of competitive athletes to folks who simply want to get in shape and learn self defense.


Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a great workout that has many benefits. Training in Muay Thai will help increase agility, speed, cardiovascular endurance, and strength. Most of the classes focus on hand, elbow,kicks, knees and clinch techniques used either in the ring or self defense. The class accommodates beginners and advanced students. Muay Thai uses the whole body especially the hips and core. This type of training can be a very intense workout. You may not want to make this the first workout you do if you haven’t been active.

Sebastiano is the head instructor. Seb began his study of Muay Thai in Italy and received his 10th kan with the Phraya Pichai Muay Thai Training School while living in the UK. Seb started his martial arts training in Italy as a teenager and obtained a brown belt in Ju Jitsu (Vega System) and over the years has trained in other arts including kali, jeet kune do, boxing and kickboxing.


Kettlebell training offers full body, strength and cardiovascular conditioning workouts that target almost all parts of the body. Unlike classic weight training, the kettlebell (often referred to as a canon ball with a handle) allows for fluid motion and momentum. Kettlebells are utilized in most KC’s Fitness conditioning classes and personal training. Special 1/2-hour kettlebell and body weight classes that are offered throghtout the week, offer more kettlebell-specific training using kettlebell specific movements.


KC’s Spartan class uses body weight, kettlebells, bars, ropes, and many other components to create a fun and challenging full-body group workout. The workouts are adaptable to all levels of fitness. All are welcome.