“Show me your company, and I will tell you who you are.”
Old Irish saying

We have been in business for over twenty-three years, and at 100 Gelston for just three months. It has been a true joy to see this building transformed for us, and the classes, personal training, and environment have never been better in all my years off owning KC’s Fitness. Yes, we have had many great instructors and coaches here over the years, however, the harmony, and desire to make a difference in people’s lives is the best I have ever seen it. There are twenty seven classes offered on a weekly basis and hundreds of personal training  appointments each month. I am always impressed how hard people train in all these sessions. What makes the difference, however, is the energetic spirit and kindness that emanates from them. My friend, the late Bill Mahr who owned Allentown Athletix for many years often remarked about this. Bill had well over a thousand members at his facility, and we used to connect quite often. Sometimes, he would stop over, and simply watch classes. He shared that he loved his gym, but that the combination of excellent instruction, intensity and camaraderie between members was nothing he had ever seen before on that level. Later, he wrote to me “that the combination of excellence inside the walls of KC’s and community involvement on Buffalo’s westside made our little business nothing short of amazing.” I miss Bill and wish he could see us now.

I will be writing a small piece each month, and it will be called Kevin’s Corner. I hope that the things I write will be relevant and worthy of your time. I am excited by the enhanced programing and offerings our members will see at KC’s as the months unfold. I started this business while I was in graduate school in late 1991, and thought it would pay for books back then. I liked the changes I saw in others, and I liked the changes I saw in myself. I am glad I abandoned graduate school and started this business. It is only as good as the people who come here for training, and by this standard, I would say it is a great place. There will many wonderful things that continue to happen here, and thank you all for being a part of our continued growth and excellence. Be great.