Sarah Maurer
Featured Member: Sarah Maurer

Transformation With A Mean Right Hook

In January, I was talking with a friend about an unconventional class she was taking in her masters program. Her assignment was to pursue something that she had always dreamed of doing and present her journey at the end of the course. She challenged me to follow suit and go after something I had dreamed of learning to do, and boxing was at the top of my list. I was never athletic so the idea was pretty intimidating, but you can only bullshit yourself with those excuses for so long. Soon I found myself sitting next to Pietro in the office at KC’s Fitness and there was no turning back.

I carry myself more confidently and feel like I have a stronger presence everywhere I go. And challenging situations have become less intimidating.

I didn’t expect that I would experience such a significant personal transformation in just six months. I didn’t lose an insane amount of weight or discover that I was a boxing prodigy. But I do feel myself getting stronger and more motivated to push myself harder. I notice my feet and hands moving quicker and more confidently. The first week at KC’s, the goal was 10 push-ups. Now my sights are set on pull-ups and strapping on a weight vest before I do my push-ups. At first, I thought making it in for a few classes a week was solid. Now I find myself rising early for morning class and coming back in the evening for round two. No small feat for a woman who will never, ever be a morning person.

More importantly, I notice a difference outside the gym. I shake off the expectation that as a woman, I probably can’t lift heavy things or hold my own. I reject the widely held perception that beautiful women are thin women. I don’t want to look like a model – I want to be a badass like Wonder Woman. I carry myself more confidently and feel like I have a stronger presence everywhere I go. And challenging situations have become less intimidating. It’s amazing how discovering your physical potential translates to the other aspects of your life.

I think it speaks to the positive learning environment that the instructors at KCs have created and their dedication to strengthening the entire person, not just their muscles. They pay attention to your progress and find a way to help you magnify your strengths. And their efforts are amplified by the other members who are genuinely great, encouraging people to be around and patient role models for new people.

It sounds nice reading about it, but spend an hour in a class at KC’s and you’ll understand it. Take David Hooper’s women’s boxing class, for example. Everyone arrives at different fitness levels, but he conditions all of us to rise above the assumption that we can’t hold our own with the guys. The workouts are tough as hell, but he never underestimates our ability to conquer whatever he throws our way – and he won’t allow us to underestimate ourselves either. It’s those unique experiences that have made this gym one of my favorite places. Because of those experiences, I walk out after every class and I feel like Wonder Woman.