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Featured Member: Mark Boser

If we were poll members to vote for the friendliest KC’s Fitness member, while the competition would be tight, the notable winner would probably be, hardworking, hard-hitting, all with a smile, Mark Boser. Mark is one of the longest-active members at KC’s fitness, with a membership that spans almost 20 years. If you don’t know Mark, take a moment to meet him.

Let’s go back in time to the spring of 1996…blur, blur, blur. Some of you were just toddlers. The sit-com Friends was in its first year. Bill Clinton was President, legendary rap artist, Tupac Shakur would be gunned down in September of that year, and Mark Boser would take his first steps into a fledgling KC’s Fitness on Hodge Street in Buffalo. By the way, from what we know, the two last events mentioned are unrelated.

A Buffalo native, Mark received his masters in social work from the University at Buffalo and is working on thirty-three years as Manager of Preventative Services at Child and Family services in Buffalo. Mark works to keep families together and works to prevent children from being put in placement. He also teaches social work at Buffalo State.

When did you join KC’s and why?Mark Boser swinging bells

MB:  I Joined KC’s in the spring of 1996. One of my coworkers suggested that I try KCs. She had been working with a personal trainer there and loved it. I had never really been an athlete and I had never been a member of a gym. I was always thin, but as I got older, I noticed that I had gained some weight. That was one of the things that motivated me to go.

I really was not used to working out and it was hard at first. But I don’t think that I missed a session and Kevin was there checking in on me. They would work with me and the training was excellent. I remember running around the Elmwood Village area with Kevin. If I was injured, they’d accommodate me. I also started to connect with the other people at KC’s and I really stared to look forward to it. With the work out and with a little nutritional guidance (no more Doritos for dinner), I lost over 30 pounds.

Your experience at KC’s

I did an inventory of 5 things in my life that I am grateful for and KCs is one of them

I think what makes KCs different is that it is more of a community.  It’s my other home. I feel like something is missing in my life when I can’t make it in.  I can be really unhappy with something going on at work and then, at KCs, I can completely put that out of my head.  It’s the workouts, the focus and the camaraderie that put me in a good mood. Most of my friends who go to other gyms don’t even speak to other people, they do their work out and leave. You might as well be in your basement.

Favorite Classes

I was completely involved with personal training. Pietro, Shawn and others persuaded me to try some of the classes. So, I started with the Kettlebell class and then went into the boxing classes. I knew nothing about boxing…not even the difference between gloves and mitts. People are so patient and helpful there. There was no pressure to get it right.  The classes are so convenient and fit into my schedule. My personal training has so accommodating too.  I train with Doug now, who is excellent, I take kettlebell, boxing, and Spartan training. I would love to do more but time limits it.


I feel so much better and I am way more fit now at 56-years than when I was 21. It does wonders for your self confidence. My other colleagues and friends are out of breath just walking stairs. It’s improved my conditioning, my endurance and my self confidence.

What have you discovered about yourself?

KC’s has helped me in other aspects of life. I have discovered that you can always do more than what you expect yourself to do. I believe that one can do whatever they want. I find that through this work, I can challenge myself. I can go farther in my life than I could imagine.  I teach now. I think of myself as a shy person.  I believe that KC’s has given me the confidence to be able to be able to get up in front of a group of people and teach. Everyone at KC’s feels welcome and everyone feels special. I like how Kevin and Pietro add that philosophical motivation to workouts. In fact, I did an inventory of 5 things in my life that I am grateful for and KCs is one of them.

If you have not met Mark, try to get to know him. Shake his hand, er glove, or bell.