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I had experienced most of the gyms in the Buffalo area. My experiences were never memorable. I would simply find an open stair-climber, a television screen, and some weight machines…with no results. Why was I doing this?

Challenges often are summoned rather than avoided.

About 4 years ago I happened upon a video featuring Kevin Cunningham and the KC’s Fitness 21 Day Challenge. t immediately caught my attention as fun and challenging. I needed to do something for my health, but I was not motivated to join another gym just to walk in place for an hour on a treadmill and TV screen. Coincidentally, I ran in to Kevin while we were playing with our kids in the park. He mentioned that the 21 Day Challenge would start that following Monday and that there was an opening for me. Like a good fool, I took it. Was this something telling me that I could avoid that slippery-slope of middle age that now included a belly and high blood pressure.

This was not a “gym” from my past. This was a powerful place that includes a powerful community.

That coincidental moment and the challenge that followed changed my life. That first “Challenge” day was one of the most painful days of my life…in an amazing way. My muscles ached but I was excited and I was doing it with a great community of people who inspired me. They pushed me to my shaking ends with a smile – no screaming drill Sargent. Unlike other gyms, within my first days at KC’s, KC’s trainers actually introduced themselves to me.  The people who I tried so hard to keep up with have become good friends. This was not a “gym” from my past. This was a powerful place that includes a powerful community.

Since that time I have participated in many Challenges, boxing classes, Spartan challenges, personal training, and I am Kettlebell classnow the self-appointed mayor of Kettlebells (a long story). My body has changed. I see muscles that I had no idea existed and I dropped some pant sizes. My wife is also happier.

The power and stamina gained at KC’s, not only made me more capable athletically, but it has changed all aspects of my life. I challenge procrastination with a “let’s power through this” push.

Challenges often are summoned rather than avoided. I love KC’s Fitness. Bring it on!

Your very happy participant,

Anthony Brown