KC’s Kettlebell 25 Challenge

I promised to put together 25 days of simple Kettlebell workouts for the new year. Here are they are.
I will update them weekly and we will incorporate them into Kettlebell classes at times.
Have fun and send me a note with pics, questions, and proof that you did these  anthonywbrown@mac.com. Or, post a picture on Facebook #KCSBELLS.

  • I will make suggestions on bell weight ranges.
  • Watch your form. Go for perfect form from start to finish.

Join our class. It’s 1/2 hour, intense, always different, and is a fun KC’s community.
Mon. and Wed. 6:15AM and Tues. and Thurs. 5:30PM.

Kettlebell Workouts

Day 1 – 365 swings – using a heavier bell (go nuts)
Women: nothing under 40lbs. Men nothing under 60. Sets of – whatever you want.

Day 2 – Clean, squat, press
10 reps per side for 8 Rounds.
Women: nothing under 25lbs. Men: nothing under 40lbs.

Day 3 – 8 rounds Farmer walks (Back and forth in the gym = 1 round).
8 goblet squats between each round.
Try not to let the bell down. Challenge.

Day 4 – Use a timer and perform 400 two-handed swings.
20 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest between.
Women: nothing under 35lbs. Men: nothing under 55.

Day 5 – 20 snatches followed by racked lunge the length of the gym.
Switch arms when needed on the lunge and snatch. 5 rounds.
If you are not good with the snatch, try the high pull instead.

Day 6 – The Very Modified “Man Maker”/ “Woman maker” using a single bell.
This is a complex, meaning all movements flow together one after the other.
Rest only after each full set (both sides) are complete.
2 burpees
2 cleans from the floor
3 clean, squat and press
4 Two handed swings
5 Rows
2 burpees
(Perform this on one side then then the other)
Women: nothing under 25lbs. Men: nothing under 40lbs.

Day 7 – 5 cleans from the floor
5 Snatches and 5 squats
As many reps as possible (AMRAP) in 10 minutes. How many can you do?
Women: nothing under 25lbs. Men: nothing under 40lbs.

Day 8 – 450 swings – sets of 25.
Women: nothing under 40lbs. Men nothing under 60.

Day 9 – 5 Turkish Get-Ups per side
10 Snatches per side
10 Goblet Squats

More to come.

Kettlebell Workouts June 26 to July 9

Four simple and challenging kettlebell workouts.

Remember these rules:

  • Use proper form – honor the iron from first to last touch.
  • Head up and keep that back nice and engaged. Tight core.
  • No injuries allowed
  • Warm up first – do something (swings, pushups, jumping jacks, etc.)
  • If the workout is not challenging please increase the weight.
  • Feels wrong – Stop! Ask a nearby trainer for d-fib or advice.

Workout 1)

Building set. Perform one after the other and build up.

3 Russian Swings – add 3 each set for a total of 30
2 Goblet Squats add 2 each round for a total of 20
1 Burpee add 1 each round for a total of 10
You are done – stolen from various Kettlebell authors.

Workout 2)

10 down to 1 (start at 10 for each movement then 9, 8, 7…1)

  • Thrusters (Single handed racked squat & press – each arm)
  • Burpees (what’s life without them?)
  • High Pulls (each arm – If you cannot do a high pull do a clean and press)
  • Kettle Bell Push Ups
  • Body weight Jump Squat
-Before you leave
60 Russian Twists
50 Kettlebell overhead crunches

Workout 3)
Kahl’s Bell Builder: Simple, sinister, and cute as hell!

Warm Up: 40 Jumping Jacks, 10 deep squats, 10 Push Ups x2
  • 4 sets
  • Numbers are totals that include left and right
  • If you cannot do snatches, go to High pulls.
Squat & presses             10, 16, 20 30
Alt Lunge                        10, 16, 20, 30
Snatches or High pulls  10, 16, 20, 30
Sumo Swings (heavy)     40 each round
Twists –                            50 each round
Rest as needed. Kahl demands perfect form.
Time left? Here is a finisher:
Kettlebell Jump Squats 10-1
Push Ups 10-1

Workout 4)
500 movements of goodness

20 Good mornings
50 Russian Swings (add bonus points make them American swings)
30 Mountain climbers
100 Single Handled or Alternate hand swing
50 Snatch (25 per)
50 Side Lunge – Hockey  (25 per)
50 Clean & Press (25 per)
50 Reverse Lunge (25 per)
50 Squat & Press
Sprinkle throughout  – 50 Burpees
Thanks to Kettlebell gurus: Travis Stoetzel and Greg Brooks