Pietro Muscato

Pietro Muscato

Manager, Boxing, Personal Trainer

26372_111252835558083_100000201000926_250253_4112875_nPietro Muscato first walked through the doors of KC’s Fitness when he was ten years old. He grew up under the tutelage of Kevin and within the gym; and over the last seventeen years, Pietro has become as much a part of KC’s as it has been a part of him. Pietro has explored the number of martial disciplines that KC’s has featured over the years, however, his primary focus has always been Boxing. In addition to the classes that he teaches each week, Pietro does Personal Training in both weight lifting and boxing. Pietro has also recently revitalized the Teen program at KC’s and is always taking new students.

Doug Scheider

IMG_8779Doug Scheider

Personal Training

Doug is a life long athlete who is curious about anything that involves sweating and lifting heavy objects. His previous employment was teaching English, and while that was fun, he found teaching people how to lift heavy things more inspiring than his stint in academia. He has been with KC’s since 2012, and folks enjoy his training style very much. Doug approaches each client as he would an athlete with unique needs and goals. His own training focuses on Olympic Lifting and he readily shares what he knows with anyone who is curious.

Marisa Licata – Boxing

Marisa Licata


Marisa has been a boxing instructor at KC’s Fitness since 2005 and has trained exclusively at KC’s Fitness since 2000. In 2011, she trained to participate in the New York State Golden Gloves tournament. Marisa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and received her MSW from the University of Buffalo in 2002. She is a clinical consultant for an evidenced-based family therapy program.

Anthony Brown – Kettlebells


Anthony Brown has been training with a kettlebell for over 4 years under the guidance of Kettlebell instructor, Shawn Pollack. Certified in Kettlebell Instruction, Anthony works to make each class a powerful and unique experience, balancing powerful and fun cardiovascular workouts with fun strength and conditioning. No fun, no fun. Within a brief one half-hour class kettlebells offer a powerful full-body workout.IMG_6388

Seb Battaglia – Muay Thai

Sebastiano is our Muay Thai instructor. Seb began his study of Muay Thai in Italy and received his 10th kan with the Phraya Pichai Muay Thai Training School while living in the UK. Seb started his martial arts training in Italy as a teenager and obtained a brown belt in Ju Jitsu (Vega System) and over the years has trained in other arts including kali, jeet kune do, boxing and kickboxing.