KC’s Kettlebell 25 Challenge

KC’s Kettlebell 25 Challenge

I promised to put together 25 days of simple Kettlebell workouts for the new year. Here are they are.
I will update them weekly and we will incorporate them into Kettlebell classes at times.
Have fun and send me a note with pics, questions, and proof that you did these  anthonywbrown@mac.com. Or, post a picture on Facebook #KCSBELLS.

  • I will make suggestions on bell weight ranges.
  • Watch your form. Go for perfect form from start to finish.

Join our class. It’s 1/2 hour, intense, always different, and is a fun KC’s community.
Mon. and Wed. 6:15AM and Tues. and Thurs. 5:30PM.

Kettlebell Workouts

Day 1 – 365 swings – using a heavier bell (go nuts)
Women: nothing under 40lbs. Men nothing under 60. Sets of – whatever you want.

Day 2 – Clean, squat, press
10 reps per side for 8 Rounds.
Women: nothing under 25lbs. Men: nothing under 40lbs.

Day 3 – 8 rounds Farmer walks (Back and forth in the gym = 1 round).
8 goblet squats between each round.
Try not to let the bell down. Challenge.

Day 4 – Use a timer and perform 400 two-handed swings.
20 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest between.
Women: nothing under 35lbs. Men: nothing under 55.

Day 5 – 20 snatches followed by racked lunge the length of the gym.
Switch arms when needed on the lunge and snatch. 5 rounds.
If you are not good with the snatch, try the high pull instead.

Day 6 – The Very Modified “Man Maker”/ “Woman maker” using a single bell.
This is a complex, meaning all movements flow together one after the other.
Rest only after each full set (both sides) are complete.
2 burpees
2 cleans from the floor
3 clean, squat and press
4 Two handed swings
5 Rows
2 burpees
(Perform this on one side then then the other)
Women: nothing under 25lbs. Men: nothing under 40lbs.

Day 7 – 5 cleans from the floor
5 Snatches and 5 squats
As many reps as possible (AMRAP) in 10 minutes. How many can you do?
Women: nothing under 25lbs. Men: nothing under 40lbs.

Day 8 – 450 swings – sets of 25.
Women: nothing under 40lbs. Men nothing under 60.

Day 9 – 5 Turkish Get-Ups per side
10 Snatches per side
10 Goblet Squats

More to come.

KC’s Fitness Competitive Training

KC’s Fitness Competitive Training

Taking on Competitive Training at KC’s Fitness

Coach Corey

KC's Fitness Rustbelt MMA Grappling Team

Coach Corey and his KC’s Fitness Grappling Champion Competitors

Coach Corey takes Gold

Corey Norman Takes Gold

A number of our people compete in local boxing tournaments such as the Golden Gloves and submission grappling tournaments.

Over the years, our people have won more than they have lost. Still, in one sense, there are never losers. The very act of putting your self out there, and doing your best makes you a winner, and we celebrate all our people. Learn more

Contact KC’s Fitness to learn more about our highly successful competitive training and coaching.

Congratulations to Corey Norman (MMA Coach at KC’s Fitness)

Three-times NY State Heavyweight Grappling Champion
Advanced Division, 2013, 2015, 2016. learn more…

KC’s Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s

KC’s Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s

Parkinson's Boxing at KC's Fitness

Courtesy of WGRZ TV Buffalo

Parkinson’s Boxing Class

Most of the class focuses on movements specific to boxing and martial arts. Class members wrap their hands, put boxing gloves on, and do much of what a boxer or competitive martial artist would do for training, except they don’t hit each other.  In addition to hitting heavy bags, and hand held focus mitts,  participants perform slow kicking movements to enhance balance. The last quarter of the sixty minute class focuses on what happens when we fall. In the end, and along the way, all of us will fall down in life. Learning how to fall properly from your center is prudent, useful and enhances body awareness. One 73 year old gentleman remarked, “I love this training for the benefits, but being less afraid of falling during winter was not a benefit I anticipated.”

Benefits of this training? 

Folks will become stronger. Their cardiovascular fitness will improve, and they will be exposed to a range of disciplines that enhance self defense and overall body awareness. Balance improves and there is a strong sense of camaraderie that go well beyond enhanced physical conditioning and improvements in eyes hand coordination.

Who Are the Instructors

Most of the participants in this class have Parkinson’s, however, there are others who attend the training sessions to support family and friends and they derive the benefits as well. Classes are taught by Kevin Cunningham and Graeme Gowland. Kevin has been studying martial arts and boxing since 1982. He is a USA certified boxing coach and possesses a black belt in the martial art of aikido. He has trained extensively in several martial arts and has owned KC’s Fitness in Buffalo and Orchard Park since 1992. Graeme possesses his BS in Exercise Science from SUNY Buffalo, and is presently pursuing his doctorate in Physical Therapy.

When does it meet? 

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1PM to 2 PM.
Approaching The Barbell

Approaching The Barbell

Doug ScheiderWalk into KC’s Fitness any day of the week, and you’re going to see people throwing punches.  We pride ourselves on the quality and comprehensiveness of our boxing instruction, and it shows in the grace and precision displayed by our members when they don their gloves.  Amidst the near continuous onslaught of jabs, crosses, and hooks, though, you’ll also see kettlebell swings, prowler pushes, and battle ropes.   You’ll see 100 burpess, 1,000 pushups, and 10,000 lbs moved across a.set of leg press.  We’re not called KC’s Boxing, because our philosophy extends to the development of our members as complete athletes, including your strength, your flexibility, and your mental toughness.

Few tools are as effective at improving an individual’s performance capacity as the barbell

Barbell Conditioning If you want explosive power and the ability to control your body through extended ranges of motion, you should be using a barbell to squat, dead-lift, snatch, clean, and jerk.  These moves are a fascinating combination of the intuitive and the technical.  On the one hand, you are simply adding weight to the motions you make repeatedly in sports and in life. On the other, gaining mastery of each lift requires careful study, exacting analysis, and many, many repetitions.  The rewards for investing in proper form with these exercises manifest themselves quickly, as you will notice the objects around you seeming lighter, stretching and reaching becoming effortless, and the goals you’ve set in your athletic pursuits quickly becoming accomplishments.  In the long term, training with barbells offers a safe and scalable means of combating injury, circumventing specificity fatigue, and building the confidence necessary to confront daunting physical challenges.

KC’s offers a number of inroads towards incorporating barbells into your fitness routine. The fastest and most effective way to improve your lifts is to work with one of our coaches over a series of personal training sessions.  Our coaches can evaluate your flexibility, identify specific areas of muscle weakness or imbalance which will require corrective exercise, and focus on patterning the portions of moves with which you struggle.  For athletes already proficient in the basics of barbell work, our coaches can help you refine your form through position drills and lift variations tailored to your needs.  We can also help write your program,whether geared towards a max attempt on a certain day or simply aiming for steady improvement.

For those just looking to get their feet wet (and their hands chalky), KC’s also offers 4 session introductory classes which cover the clean, the jerk, the snatch, and squatting from back, front, and overhead positions.  Class size is limited to 6 participants, so while you won’t get the attention you could in a personal training session, you will always have an experienced eye on you.  These classes are a great way to get a feel for the fun and challenges of Olympic style weightlifting.

KC’s strives to be an excellent place to train.  In addition to maintaining three platforms, a selection of men’s and women’s barbells, bumper plates, jerk blocks and a power cage, KC’s offers hours dedicated to supervised lifting four days a week.  KC’s Barbell Club is a great place to meet other lifters, seek advice on a point of form, or go for that PR with an appreciate audience.  We have men and women lifting weights at all experience levels, from the broomstick high pull to the three plate clean.  Barbell Club is open to all members, and the schedule is posted around the gym.