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KC’s Fitness Competitive Training

KC’s Fitness Competitive Training

Taking on Competitive Training at KC’s Fitness

Coach Corey

KC's Fitness Rustbelt MMA Grappling Team

Coach Corey and his KC’s Fitness Grappling Champion Competitors

Coach Corey takes Gold

Corey Norman Takes Gold

A number of our people compete in local boxing tournaments such as the Golden Gloves and submission grappling tournaments.

Over the years, our people have won more than they have lost. Still, in one sense, there are never losers. The very act of putting your self out there, and doing your best makes you a winner, and we celebrate all our people. Learn more

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Congratulations to Corey Norman (MMA Coach at KC’s Fitness)

Three-times NY State Heavyweight Grappling Champion
Advanced Division, 2013, 2015, 2016. learn more…

KC’s Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s

KC’s Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s

Parkinson's Boxing at KC's Fitness

Courtesy of WGRZ TV Buffalo

Parkinson’s Boxing Class

Most of the class focuses on movements specific to boxing and martial arts. Class members wrap their hands, put boxing gloves on, and do much of what a boxer or competitive martial artist would do for training, except they don’t hit each other.  In addition to hitting heavy bags, and hand held focus mitts,  participants perform slow kicking movements to enhance balance. The last quarter of the sixty minute class focuses on what happens when we fall. In the end, and along the way, all of us will fall down in life. Learning how to fall properly from your center is prudent, useful and enhances body awareness. One 73 year old gentleman remarked, “I love this training for the benefits, but being less afraid of falling during winter was not a benefit I anticipated.”

Benefits of this training? 

Folks will become stronger. Their cardiovascular fitness will improve, and they will be exposed to a range of disciplines that enhance self defense and overall body awareness. Balance improves and there is a strong sense of camaraderie that go well beyond enhanced physical conditioning and improvements in eyes hand coordination.

Who Are the Instructors

Most of the participants in this class have Parkinson’s, however, there are others who attend the training sessions to support family and friends and they derive the benefits as well. Classes are taught by Kevin Cunningham and Graeme Gowland. Kevin has been studying martial arts and boxing since 1982. He is a USA certified boxing coach and possesses a black belt in the martial art of aikido. He has trained extensively in several martial arts and has owned KC’s Fitness in Buffalo and Orchard Park since 1992. Graeme possesses his BS in Exercise Science from SUNY Buffalo, and is presently pursuing his doctorate in Physical Therapy.

When does it meet? 

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1PM to 2 PM.