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Kevin Cunningham, Owner

As you enter KC’s Fitness you will see artwork, a few inspiring quotes, and some questions on the walls. The questions invite you to check-in and hold yourself accountable for your own experience.

KC’s Fitness has been described as “a thoughtful and intelligent place.” Others might beg to differ, and identify it as a place where they simply bust their butt on various days of the week. Some describe KC’s as a place where they have transformed parts of themselves and discovered a diverse community of welcoming people. Many feel it is a place to learn more about wellness and how your body moves through time and space.

It is, in fact, all these things and so much more. We at KC’s Fitness may not be able to provide you with all of the answers, but we might have some of the right questions. We can assist good people by motivating and educating them to take better care of themselves, but in this way we are only coaches or navigators. We trust that you are your own best captain and can steer your way through this challenging and rewarding process.


Kevin Cunningham