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What will boxing do for your mind and spirit?

Boxing should never get boring. It’s easy for your fitness routine to become routine, but our boxing classes are never the same.

Unlike running on the treadmill, there’s always something new to learn. Boxing is a discipline and you can always work on a variety of techniques. There are only four punches in boxing: jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts. Still, they can be thrown in a variety of different ways and from different angles. You can’t be thinking about the work on your desk or big garbage day when hitting a bag, or punching focus mitts.

It’s meditation in motion and our classes invite you to be attuned to the smallest nuances in movement. Life can be filled with great challenges and losses as well as great joys and victories. Over the last twenty-six years a great number of our members have shared that the mental focus and physical challenges at KC’s gave them an outlet for their stress. Sometimes, it has been the stress of work or the loss of a loved one. One member remarked that the loss of her husband was so overwhelming, but boxing gave her space to breathe and cease dwelling non-stop. She remarked that, “those several hours of training a week gave me a break from my pain.” This discipline is not just exercise; it demands attention and spirit. No cell phones are allowed.😊